Nametis – DNA Correction

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Salomon Collagen peptide 5000, L-Arginin monohydrochloride 800, Acerola Cherry extract 550, Apple Extract 500, Tomato Extract 500, Artichoke powder 500, Melon powder 500, Astragalus extract 400, Rosehip Extract 400, L-Ornithine Hydrochloride 300, Orange Powder 250, L-Glutathione 250, L-Lysine monohydrochloride 200, Dandelion root extract 200, Sea buckthorn powder 200, Goji berry extract 140, Grape Skip Extract 125, Grape seed Extract 60, Alpha lipoic acid 50, Cherry Powder 35, Zinc amino acid chelate 20% 25, L-Theanine 15, Brown Algae Extract 6

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Anti Aging from inside to outside, Booster, Cell refreshing and boosting, Skin brightening, Deep Sleep, Super – Anti oxidant, Collagen, Bone & Joints, Liver Detoxification, proper blood cell circulation, Hormonal balance, DNA CORRECTION

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